48 VERNEUIL is the address that Christophe Antunes has been sharing in the heart of Paris since 2021 with home-renovation company BRA. Both a showroom and an agency, a venue for hosting small events and a workplace, a place to welcome clients.

Having successfully led several collaborations, Christophe Antunes and BRA transformed the premises at 48 rue de Verneuil and created a bright and comfortable environment where they welcome clients and friends.

Concomitantly with its opening, the two Christophe created for the place the 48 VERNEUIL brand, intended as a place for solutions to multifaceted needs and support in renovation projects / remodeling of interior spaces.


to facilitate projects, share our coup-de-coeurs

For people looking for advice and support in the creation of their living or working places, we offer a one-stop shop dedicated to the planning and execution of your renovation works, projects for the acquisition and transformation of spaces, the search for beautiful things.



a showroom shared with JASNO

It was by designing the new space that Christophe Antunes contacted JASNO, a Dutch manufacturer of premium inner shutters whose product he wanted to include in the meeting room. Their entire range can now be seen at 48 VERNEUIL where JASNO visitors are welcome.


exhibition space

48 Verneuil also regularly invites clients and partners to come and discover their Coup-de-Coeur for products, artists, and creators whom they follow, the friends of 48 Verneuil.